Riedlinger Strasse 42

88400 Biberach, Germany

Veneer Jointing


HFZ 4 Zick-Zack Veneer Splicer

The ideal unit for reapir work. Easy and simple operation

FW Mini 630

FW Mini 630 Zick-Zack Veneer Splicer

Machine for small veneer splicing work with all technical advantages of teh large Zick-Zack glueing machines.

  • Veneer thickness: appr. 0,4 - 2 mm
  • Throat depth: 630 mm

F 40 W

F 40 W: Moistening unit for veneer gummed tape

  • Width of tape roll: up to 40 mm
  • Diameter of roll: max. 400 mm
  • Moistening system: roller