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Saw Blade Measurement

Saw Set Dial Gauge

Saw set dial gauge with double reading for setting of saw blades.

  • Reading 0,1 mm, subdivided 0,05 mm, measuring range 2 mm
  • With adjustable tolerance mark and adjustable graduation
  • Available with metric scale or inch scale

WB 32

Measuring Gauge for tooth angles only.

The Measuring Gauge for tooth angles and height difference WB 32  is a precision optical-mechanical instrument for checking the cutting geometry of circular saw blades.
This instrument is compact and extremly accurate thereby making it ideal for all applications. The unit is maintenance free and extremly simple to operate.
The measuring instrument is supplied in a practical readiness bag. Against small surcharge you receive a suitable wood case.

We can supply the measuring gauge in following versions

  • Type WB 32 Standard (without dial indicator)
  • Type WB 32 Universal (special dial gauge with mm-division)
  • Type WB 32 Universal Z (special dial gauge with Zoll-division)
  • Measure range up to 2400 mm of circular saw blade diameters, for tooth pitch 3... 70 mm (Standard version 0 ... 70 mm)
  • Stroke 5 mm, for difference measurement
  • Measuring surface hardened, ground and hard-chromed
  • Steel parts platet to prevent rust and tarnish
  • Cylindrical way polished, in self-lubricating, wear-proof bushings
  • Guidance ratio 3 x D
  • Housing material special precision cast aluminium, anodized
  • Angle scale aluminium, black anodized, engraved graduations
  • Special dial gauge graduation 1/100 mm or 1/1000 Zoll
  • Lens system multielement, with 7 fold magnification, free of distortion
  • Vision field of the 18 mm, chromatically corrected magnifying glass
  • Weight 520 g (standard version)

Technical Data Sheet WB 32 File-Type: PDF | Language: English | Size: 0,43 MB

Straight Edges

for checking the flatness & tention of bandsaw blades and circular saws

  • sizes 200, 300, 400, 500 mm
  • normal steel or stainless steel available

Tension Tester MG

Precision tension tester type MG for wide band saw blades.

  • For checking the blade tension, when the blades are mounted in the machine
  • mounting and adjustment on the saw blade with clamping screws
  • material: aluminium
  • unit will be supplied with dial gauge and transport box
  • Distance of the measuring arms: appr. 220 mm
  • Depth of the measuring arms: appr. 120 mm
  • Measuring range max. Blade width appr. 300 mm
  • measuring accuracy ± 5 N/mm²
  • Weight appr. 2 kg

Tension Tester MW

Precision tension tester type MW for narrow band saw blades.

  • widths 13 - 60 mm