Riedlinger Strasse 42

88400 Biberach, Germany


Planer Knives

  • Available in HSS 18%, HPS or TCT
  • For special use also available materials M2/DM05 or D2
  • 30 x 3 mm or 35 x 3 mm
  • All Lengths up to 1050 mm available. Standard lengths on stock.

Blanketts with 60° Backserration

  • Available in HSS, HPS, TCT or Stellite
  • For special use also available materials M2/DM05 or D2
  • Thickness of 4, 5, 6 or 8 mm
  • Various Heights and Lengths available. Please ask us for a detailled quotation

Knives for planing systems

We are also supplying knives for planing systems. Please send us a request so we can make you a detailled offer.

Clamping Device for Regrinding

For Regrinding of knives from planing systems we can offer you matching clamping equipment. Please request a quote from us for your needs.

Multi Profile System

The TC high-performance cutting tool to satisfy the high demands of abrasive wood fibre and composite material (e.g. MDF, Multiplex, Corian) processing

  • Can be used in all customary UNI “Euro-System” profile cutter heads, while retaining existing deflectors
  • Modern high-performance cutting materials such as Tungsten carbide and High Speed Steel
  • Optimised price/performance ratio
  • Custom-made special profiles and standard profiles
  • Can also be used on CNC-machines
  • Economic processing of difficult materials
  • Reduces tooling times/costs, easy handling

The Secure System

  • Reduce your tooling costs, Backing plate can be used multiple times, only the knife has to be changed
  • Double edged profiling possible
  • Grinding Tungsten Carbide and backing plate separately
  • ensures a long edge life and a top surface
  • Different Tungsten Carbide qualities for different materials

Magnet Planing Blade Setting Gauge

Precise blade setting thanks to firm fit

  • for all types of planing blades
  • for any planer block diameter
  • for all types of steel planer blocks
  • easy handling