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Cyclone Grinding Wheels

Cyclone Grinding Wheels

Cyclone grinding wheels use a unique blend of CBN and ABN particles designed specifically for DinaSaw, utilizing the best properties of both materials.
The Cyclone grinding wheels are high quality CNC machined, perfectly balanced and concentric, and feature a unique design that pushes cool air onto the grinding surface.
The Cyclone grinding wheels have a unique design that pushes cool air onto the grinding surface, reducing heat and burning of the teeth, resulting in extremely long life.

Technical data
  • Unique mixture of CBN and ABN particles for hardened steel chains.
  • Diamond particles for tungsten chains.
  • High thermal stability, with heat treated particles for increased bond stability.
  • Specially designed for dry grinding.
  • CNC milled for absolute accuracy.
  • Long life, no dressing required.
  • Durable nickel coating.
  • Unique design keeps grinding surface cool and reduces tooth burning.
  • Suitable sizes for all common grinding machines.
  • Outlasts standard wheels many times over.
  • Steel blank will not break.
  • Wheel never needs to be reshaped.
  • No maintenance required.
Data Sheet

CBN/ABN Grinding Wheels

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