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Chain Sharpeners


Spending too much time sharpening saw chain? DinaSaw chain saw sharpeners are the fastest, most accurate and affordable chain sharpeners in the world today.
Remarkably versatile, from small arborist right through to 3/4" harvester chain. Both left and right hand cutters are sharpened in the one pass at a speed of 30 teeth per minute.
The DinaSaw "T-Rex" is the ultimate chain saw sharpener. Microprocessor controlled with automatic feed means the operator needn't stay during the sharpening process.
Quite simply - if your business relies on correctly sharpened saw chains then a DinaSaw sharpener is the answer.

Machine features
  • Inductive tooth scanning aligns grind to tooth sequence
  • 3 operating modes
  • Chain rotation counter with countdown
  • Auto stop
  • Feed speed 30 tpm
  • Both left and right teeth in the one pass
  • Adjusts for almost all chain styles and sizes
  • Protractor top plate angle adjustment
  • Cam operated 'Supajaw' chain clamping
  • Can utilise CBN / ABN grinding wheels
Data Sheet

Datasheet T-Rex Automatic

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  • Faster, more accurate sharpening.
  • Free up labour.
  • Increase chain & bar life.
  • Consistent results.
  • Accurate depth gauge grinding.
  • Fast, cool grinding.


Remarkable versatile. From small chains right through to ¾“ harvester chains. Speeds up to 50 teeths per minute. Fast, cool grinding. The 12 V power supply allows you to use the machine with a car battery wherever you want to grind.

By turning it’s handle, the Dinasaw Handi-Rex indexes, clamps and grinds the teeth – one turn per tooth – both left and right hand teeth in the one pass. Two teeth on the same side? No problem. Just turn the handle one turn backwards – then continue.

Machine features
  • Fast speeds up to 50 teeth / min
  • Allows direct control by the operator

Automatic Mortize Chaingrinder BRAVO

Motor 380V cy, 0,37 kW with grinding wheel 150 mm Ø, for grinding of any sort of mortize chain. Table model, the chain is beeing transported automatically from top.