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88400 Biberach, Germany

Band Saw Blades

Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades

Band saw blades for all kind of applications in the wood cutting industry. We do offer from the verry narrow blades up to the very wide ones, in all common specifications, endless welded or on coils.


We offer following basic types:

  • German C75 Steel
  • Special alloy steel
  • BI-Metall
  • Stellite tipped
  • Tungston Carbide tipped

All blades can be supplied as toothed only, toothed and set, ready to saw, tooth hard, Flexback, Tipped

Metall Cutting Band Saw Blades

With our wide range of band saw blades for the metall cutting industry we can supply all major qualities in the most common specifications, endless welded or on coils..

  • Standard tooth steel blades
  • Hardened tooth steel blades
  • BI-Metall blades
  • TC tipped blades

Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades

For the meat & fish cutting we do supply the most common sizes of band saw blades and band knives, endless welded or on coils.


If you need information on this kind of band saw blades please contact us directly so we can provide you all information regarding production range, special treetment for food tools and if needed, special packing for re-sale