Riedlinger Strasse 42

88400 Biberach, Germany

Saw Shop Accessories

Saw Hammers

  • Ball Hammer, Crosspin Hammer, Knive Hammer, Roughing Hammer
  • 1250g and 1500g available

Saw Setting Pliers

Wide range of quality saw setting pliers made in Germany

Molykote Swaging Paste

Swaging Compound

For Swaging of Bandsaw Blades. Delivered in tubes with 100g.

Cork Coverings

Cork coverings of special, very flexible reinforced quality. Extremely wear-resistand. Thickness of the cork covering appr. 5 mm.

Supply in coils with appr. 30 Meter. Widths are 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80 mm.

Also available are special glues for fixing cork coverings.

Luminous Crayon

Luminescent crayon for use of optical scanning. Orange-red for better visability. Best use for optical scanning in machines.

Magnetic Chuck for HM Knives Regrinding

The magnetic chuck is suitable for holding carbide (HM) tools, used for woodworking during re-grinding operations. It is especially suited for linear or surface grinders because the supporting bed is parallel with the magnetic surface. The chuck has a strong holding power because the tools lay directly onto the magnets and so you can re-sharpen very small pieces. The upper part of the chuck is made of BRASS, and that grants a longer life of the tool. The magnetic chuck can be:

  • secured to any type of magnetic chuck
  • mechanically bolted by means of the four holes around the edges, aligning or flanking a number of chucks.

The chuck is available in two sizes:

  • part no. 452 5221500 - 200 x 70 x 20 [mm]
  • part no. 452 5221600 - 400 x 70 x 20 [mm]

By aligning or flanking a number of magnetic chucks, extremely strong magnetic surfaces can be obtained.


Typ 2710

Hand Refractometer Typ 2710

This refractometer evaluates the concentration of your grinding or cooling liquid quick and accurate. Absolutely necessary for economical mixing of your grinding liquid and thus will you have a safeguard against corrosion. Testing range 0 – 10 Brix.